I am Melissa Burch,

I love to travel the world and to meet lots of people and great scenery. My family used to go fishing and climbing mountains but since they are not that young anymore and I have to go on my own with friends. I call it a perfect get away when I am stressed and need time for myself.

My blog aims to help doctors, medical professionals, and the people by educating them about the use of homeopathic remedies like treating the whole individual even there hereditary factors. We all know that homeopathic remedies is not considered as harmful but can be dangerous to someone experiencing serious health problems. I am here to give a good service to everyone and to give them advice regarding homeopathic remedy’s effectiveness, advantage, and limit of such treatment.

There were things we can’t buy in life and your health is one of it. Because when we choose health over wealth you choose to love the inner you than what people see in you.