Discover The Top 5 Naturopathic Doctor Schools

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More people in the western world are learning about natural medicines, and that is leading the way to students wanting to study naturopathic medicine. Once a student has decided that this is the area of study that they want to pursue then they find themselves interested in knowing which are the best schools to study at. Here we’ll take a look at the top five naturopathic doctor schools in North America.

Areas Of Study

A student wanting to study naturopathic medicine can earn a degree in some areas. One of the popular areas of study is acupuncture. This is an ancient practice that has recently made new acceptance. There are some natural therapies that a student might choose to learn. And of course, another of the favorite areas of study is in herbal medicine.

It’s important when choosing a school to attend that it’s a credible institution. In North America, there are five schools worth considering. Three are 3 in the U.S. and two are in Canada. Two of the three in the US can allow a student to earn recognized credentials as a naturopathic doctor.

1. Bastyr University

This School is located in Kenmore, Washington and is a top naturopathic school that includes cutting-edge research along with local clinics. This University has students studying Oriental medicine, nutrition, natural medicine and it gives them an opportunity to receive hands-on training in many of those areas. These include acupuncture, counseling, and homeopathy.

Other opportunities for study are in the areas of midwifery, herbal sciences, and other healing therapies. They also offer programs to earn a certificate in Chinese medicine. Anyone who is considering these areas of study would do well to attend this University.

2. University Of Bridgeport

This University is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut and it includes the College of Naturopathic Medicine. This university has a naturopathic medical clinic and students are given the opportunity to conduct scientific research with naturopathic therapy treatments. While studying experienced staff will supervise them. The areas of study include botanical medicine, oriental medicine, homeopathic medicine, neuroscience, physiology, and chemistry. This University also has a Postdoctoral Residency program in place. Those who complete the Naturopathic Medical Clinic will have finished 1300 hours of care under the supervision of experienced staff.

3. Southwest College Of Naturopathic Medicine

This college is located in Tempe, Arizona and offers a program to qualify as an ND. Earning an N.D. will require classroom, laboratory, and clinical work. Part of the curriculum will include the study of homeopathy, nutrition, oriental medicine, and anatomy. Students may do their residency in Alaska or Arizona. It’s common for Physicians doing the residency to work with a population of mostly Spanish-speaking people.

4. Canadian College Of Naturopathic Medicine

This is considered to be the premier Institute in Canada for studying naturopathic medicine. They have research opportunities and a unique approach to how they perform healthcare. They have been teaching natural medicine for close to 40 years, and an estimated one-fifth of all N.D.’s in North America are graduates of this college. They are the only College in Canada that has the authorization to give a doctor’s degree.

5. Boucher Institute Of Naturopathic Medicine

This Institute uses mentorship as a model of education, and they implement small classroom sizes. The campus is found in British Columbia, and the Physicians have a full scope of practice that includes the right to give prescriptions. Some of the areas of study are Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, acupuncture, and Chinese medicine.

This is a great field with a bright future. These are the best schools in the western hemisphere for studying natural medicine. Give them a call today.